Finding a role-playing game or group in your local area used to
be a daunting task but not anymore!
We help connect players with new or existing role-playing games in your local area.

This site focuses on all types of roleplaying (rpg) games, rpg & fantasy card games, RPG board games, Live Action Roleplay (LARP) and miniature games!

If you have an existing RPG game or starting a new role-playing game and need players, just submit a game listing in your local area. Players will see your ad for your game group and respond directly to you.

We have updated the site from the older text based ads to the new Google Maps method. We appreciate your patience while we make the all the changes and work out all the glitches.

Locating a role-playing game in your area has never been easier!

Please help with our monthly expenses!
I am reaching out to everyone who uses this site and can see the value in it. When I created this website to help connect RPG players together, I wanted to make it totally free, and it has been. Due to ongoing expenses, I am asking people to step up and help support the website. Whatever you can do is great and will help me take this site to the next level! Thank you so much for your support, and yea, I really mean it.

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