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Posted on: Wednesday, 24 December, 2014  23:37
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Have you ever wanted to be a part of the Star Trek experience? Traveling to the final frontiers of deep space and exploring strange new worlds, meeting strange new life forms, discovering new civilizations?

Here is your opportunity!
The Maverick Fleet, set in the early 25th century the next generation of Trek, on board two of Starfleet`s newest and most advanced vessels, with 19 original characters.

Whether you are an experienced writer or new to role-play, we promote a fun, friendly environment where all are encouraged to participate and have fun. No one is left behind. If you are looking for a friendly, welcoming, new fleet, then we are looking for you.

We currently have two ships and a new Starbase with active, experienced players that have been posting together for more then five years, and several new players that are just beginning their role-play experience and we are looking for new crew members.
All are welcome to come take a look around. If this sounds like something you are looking for, we want you. Come join us as we explore new Frontiers, meet new races, new friends and battle new foes. We certainly understand that real life it always first and foremost, and that this is after all only for fun!!

The Maverick Fleet is a new role play game, run by experienced Star Trek simmers running their first sim as GM's, with a slightly different take on Star Trek and simming.

Senior positions still open are:

Executive Officer (station)
Chief Science Officer/Assistant Science Officers (Station; ships need science officers)
Chief Security/Tactical Officer/Assistant Sec/Tac (both ships)
Chief Strategic Operations Officer/Assistant Strat. Ops (both ships and station)
Chief Operations Officer/Asst. Ops Officer (both ships and station)
Chief Engineering Officer/ Asst Engineering Officer (one of the ships and station)
Chief Counselor/Asst Counselor (both ships and station)
Chief of the Boat (both ships)
Chief Medical officers, current CMO's are mia.

Mission statement

The purpose of Maverick Fleet is to bring together skilled and unskilled writers, for a play by E-mail game. To maintain a healthy, unified environment with a common goal of having fun, where you want to role-play without hassle, where quality is our main goal not quantity.

If you want a place where there are no pages and pages of posting rules and regulations, fleet officers breathing down your neck demanding that you post so many a day or month, then the Maverick Fleet is the place for you.

The Maverick Fleet is slightly different then your run of the mill canon Star Trek Universe. We encourage creativity, good sportsmanship, and the freedom to know that you can post in peace and at your leisure at least once a week!

All CO's have total control over their ships, to do as they wish with their story-lines and their ship's personnel. There will be new ships added eventually; currently there are two and a space station.

It is NOT ok to contact this poster with commercial interests.

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